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Certificates of attendance will be provided to attendees at the conclusion of the course.  Contact hours vary depending on the course.  No certification will be granted upon completion of an AHA, Inc. course.

Listed here is the course content for all AHA, Inc education courses.

Introduction to Equine Skills – Online Format

The Introduction to Equine Skills is a pre-requisite for all registrants of AHA, Inc Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part I courses.

ONLINE ” Intro to Equine Skills” course.  This online course is a prerequisite to attending the four day, Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part 1 course.  Failure to complete the course successfully 3 weeks before the first day of the Level I course can result in the forfeiture of all registration fees and access to the course. 

This online course targets therapists must be taken and the test passed by anyone attending a Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part 1 course regardless of your horse skill level.  This online course focuses on basic horse knowledge for any therapist wishing to incorporate equine movement into their treatment toolbox.

There will be a separate fee for the online course and once payment has been received in the office, you should allow three business days before expecting to receive your login id and password via the email used to purchase the course and have access to the test.

The test at the end  is open book, and you can print the study guide if you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  The test can be taken more than once, for a fee, until it is passed.  The curriculum may be utilized only under conditions set forth by AHA, Inc. Read More

Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part I

The AHA, Inc. Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part I is the first of our Foundation Courses and attendance and participation in all 4-days of this course is required. It is designed for therapy professionals to learn about hippotherapy as a treatment tool/strategy and members of their treatment team. It is recommended that therapists have at least 2 years clinical experience in their field treating and handling patients they plan to treat with a variety of tools and strategies before attending.  The focus of this course is a comprehensive overview of all facets of hippotherapy as a standard practice therapy tool/strategy within the scope of practice for occupational therapy, physical therapy and/or speech-language therapy professionals. Hands on practicums are available in this course. The curriculum may be utilized only under conditions set forth by AHA, Inc.

This course will teach the therapist the principles of hippotherapy (skillfully manipulated equine movement), the history and the application into a patients Plan of Care, the protocol to match the horse to the patient and determine the horse’s movement and pattern as well as therapist facilitation needed to address the impairment that affects the participation restriction to address the function outcome.  Precautions and contraindications, documentation and billing, research, practicums for therapists to feel the impact of equine movement with clinical decision application for matching horse and patient and a live treatment demonstration with feedback.  Read More

Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part II

Course Description

This course is the second of the two AHA Inc. Foundation courses. Therapist taking this course will have the opportunity to treat and apply in a healthcare trans-disciplinary team approach to clinical problem-solving in the equine environment.  The students will be implementing the principles of hippotherapy, the research and progression of treatment as part of a plan of care for a patient.   This course is designed for licensed PT’’s, OTs, SLPs, PTAs, OTAs, and SLPAs who have taken AHA Inc.’s Hippotherapy Treatment Principles – Part I Course. Read More

The Horse Connection: Long Lining – Maximizing Your Horse’s Potential

This 3 day advanced level hands-on course is designed for the horse handler involved therapy sessions that implement hippotherapy as well as the equine specialist or owner interested in learning how to teach a horse to long line.  The horse handler should have basic lunging and ground skills. The curriculum may be used only under conditions set by AHA Inc. Read More

The Horse Handling Clinic Series

The following are One Day Horse Handling Clinics to be offered to facilities interested in improving horse handling skills. In addition, facilities can customize courses with faculty according to facility needs. Each clinic takes place in the arena and may start in the barn for tacking up and practicing horsemanship skills. These are hands-on clinics structured to give the participants practical experience for training and conditioning horses for hippotherapy and other equine disciplines. A practical demonstration is performed by the AHA, Inc. Faculty with guidance for participants to practice the specific skills. The format is similar to other horse clinics specific to their discipline. Read More

The Vestibular Connection: The Vestibular System, its interaction with other Sensory Systems, and considerations for Hippotherapy

This 1.5-day course allows the attendee to delve into the vestibular system, its anatomy and function, related neuroanatomy, its close alliance with the visual system, and rehabilitation considerations when this system is impaired.  Participants will learn assessments and traditional treatment options, with labs providing opportunity for practice. Special considerations will be presented when incorporating the equine environment and manipulated equine movement for individuals with balance/postural control and sensory processing limitations. Read More

The Business Connection

This three (3) day course will provide therapists the basics of how to start a private therapy practice incorporating hippotherapy as a treatment strategy.   It will include information for administrators in the horse industry, including those currently offer adaptive riding and community based programs for people with or without special needs and  how to develop and have invite a therapy practice to operate onsite.  Topics will include: business plan development, budget and contracts, location and clinic requirements, staffing and support personnel, CPT code and billing information, for profit and non-profit marketing strategies and more. Read More

The Core Connection:The Link Between Hippotherapy and Core Control

In this one-day course, Postural Control and Core Stability are believed to be crucial for normal function, whether it is balance, reaching or walking (typical PT goals), upper extremity control or ADL performance (typically OT), or speech production and oral motor control (typical areas for SLPs).  Without good trunk control, the ability for appropriate attention, arousal or interaction with the immediate surroundings can be inefficient and require more effort making the task difficult.  Listed among the many benefits of Hippotherapy is the ability to influence Postural Control and Core Strength.  The impact on the pelvis and spine with manipulated equine movement brings sensory information proximal and causes motor responses at the pelvis and trunk. Read More

The Neuro Connection: Incorporating Hippotherapy into the Treatment of the Patient with a Neurological Diagnosis

A two day course for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapy Assistants, SLPA’s and Occupational Therapy Assistants who currently treat or are planning to treat patients with a neurological diagnosis Read More

The Sensory Connection: Sensory Concepts, Theory and Applications in Hippotherapy

This two day course applies sensory integration theory, reviews neuroanatomy, covers horse selection and use of the equine environment and manipulated equine movement in PT, OT and SLP treatment .  Evaluation tools used to determine sensory processing and sensory interventions will address the patient’s impairment and functional limitation and how to incorporate manipulated equine movement into the sensory patient’s Plan of Care to address the functional outcome.  Participants will be provided an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and clinical reasoning.  Video of children with sensory processing dysfunction and emotional/behavioral problems that are affected by the child’s sensory processing or sensory integration impairment will be discussed.  Round table and interactive discussions will be incorporated for participants to gain an understanding of treatment for children with sensory processing dysfunction when implementing the equine environment and manipulated equine movement into a plan of care. Read More

The Treatment Connection: Your Treatment Toolbox

In this course the faculty will provide demonstrations and facilitate development of ideas and strategies to expand the therapists treatment repertoire. Participants practice various treatment techniques, therapeutic activities and engage in interactive problem solving with role playing. Read More