Clarity and Transparency- we can all play in the sandbox together

Are you  confused by terminology? Did you know that it can be really easy when we consider how we  practice with any tool we use in our therapy practice. Are you a swiss ball therapist or a PT, OT or  SLP? Are you a playground therapist, or  dressing therapist? Do you do sand box assisted therapy? Balance board assisted therapy ? Toy assisted therapy? …….I could go on and hopefully you answered “No, I  am a PT and the therapy is physical therapy or I am an OT and the therapy is occupational therapy or I am a SLP and the therapy is speech and language therapy.” 

Then why do we need the terms EAT, EAAT, ET?………we do not define what we do by the tools we use. We define  what we do and that is the therapy by our Education, Training and Professional Licensure to deliver the therapy as PT, OT and SLP’s and Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are ” Protected Terms” to only be used by those with the Education, Training and Professional Licensure.
 It also makes it confusing for  our consumers. So lets take a look at how confusing it is and I guarantee that you too will see why clarity and transparency in the words and terms we choose can make it easier for everyone to have a clearer understanding of  how therapist deliver their skilled service. The choice of  diverse tools as developed  and implemented into a therapy plan of care after an initial therapy evaluation depends on the scope of practice of the licensed PT, OT or SLP as well as clinical expertise, training and education of the therapist.
Always remember tools do not define the therapy- the Education, and Professional license designates our scope of practice and that defines our therapy practice. Therapy tools, strategies and interventions are the ones that we are trained to skillfully apply because only as a trained, licensed and educated professional can the consumer receive this skilled service.
Please sit back and see this free webinar on Terminology to help you with clarity and transparency:

Click Here to see a free webinar presentation on Terminology and its effects on research and reimbursement that was presented at the HETI 2018 Congress in Dublin Ireland.

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